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Not all archaeologists work on excavations. There are many different jobs that archaeologists do. These include:

•  Research
Archaeologists look at all the old maps, books, journals, and photographs to see what other people have recorded about the area in the past.
•  Survey QLaPrY.gif
Some Archaeologists record monuments by measuring, drawing plans and taking photographs of them.

•  In the Laboratory

Sometimes artefacts have to be examined very carefully using a microscope or they may need to be treated so they do not decay anymore.
•  Underwater  gDcwqf.gif
Some archaeologists work underwater and examine things like old shipwrecks
•  From the Air
Archaeologists often take photographs of the landscape from the air to see if they can find new monuments that cannot be seen on the ground.
•  Excavation  
Archaeologists do not work on excavations all the time. Usually excavations take place when the weather is good enough to work outside like during the summer. When the weather gets too bad to work outside the archaeologists take time to carefully examine what they have found. They look at the artefacts and carefully record them. They also look at whatever structures they have found and try to make sense of all of it! It is like putting all the pieces of a jigsaw together to see the picture. All the results are then published in a book so other people can learn from what they have found.  2VXZTw.gif

Archaeologists usually work in

•  Universities •  Government •  Private Companies •  Museums •  Tourist Industry.