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Views from some of the historic graveyards in Limerick and Cork surveyed as part of the Ballyhoura Graves Project carried out by Ballyhoura Development in association with

Do you know your family tree? The actor Fionnula Flanagan visits Galway and hears stories of Irish emigration.

Croagh Patrick, which overlooks Clew Bay in County Mayo, is considered the holiest mountain in Ireland.

Human memories are stored in short-term and long-term memory. Click here to discover how information is retained.

A mangonel (derived from Greco-Latin word manganon, meaning "engine of war" ) was a type of catapult or siege engine used in the medieval period to throw projectiles at a castle’s walls.

Excavations are undertaken in a research environment led by a team of highly qualified and experienced archaeologists using the most sophisticated technologies, including GPS topographical survey, geophysics, photo-planning and more.

Designed to significantly enhance the visitor experience to Dublin, 'The Dubline' is a new uniquely branded cultural and heritage trail through Dublin that tells and shares the story of the capital from Trinity College to Kilaminham in an interactive way.

The Lady Gregory Yeats Trail incorporates historical sites between the towns of Gort and Loughrea associated with Lady Gregory and W.B.Yeats. These sites include Kilmacduagh, Coole Park, Kiltartan Gregory Museum, Thoor Ballylee, Killinane Graveyard, Roxborough Gates, Woodville Walled Gardens and St. Brendan's Cathedral.

How to use a compass with Simon King and Ordnance Survey (UK)