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'Pilgrim Paths' Ireland's answer to Camino de Santiago

02 April 2014
'Pilgrim Paths' Ireland's answer to Camino de Santiago

TEN ancient 'Pilgrim Paths' have been flagged as Ireland's answer to the Camino de Santiago, with the hope that visitors from far and wide will come to visit as they did back in medieval times.

The paths are dotted across the country – from Glen Colm Cille and Lough Derg in Co Donegal, to the Sli Mor taking in Clonmacnoise in Co Offaly, and from St Kevin's Way at Glendalough in Co Wicklow, down to the Cosan na Naomh Pilgrim Path on the Dingle peninsula, Co Kerry.

The Heritage Council has now launched a national Pilgrim Paths Day which will take place on Easter Saturday, April 19 – with the initially modest aim that just 1,000 people will be out walking the trails that day.

While each path is individual and separate in its own right, the Heritage Council now hopes to produce a special 'Pilgrims' Passport' so that visitors can set a goal to "collect" each one and complete the entire trail.

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